W.I.S.E Commercial

I just booked a commercial for WISE! WISE “specializes in training and technical assistance to ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are a vital part of the workforce.“

It‘s always a unique and special opportunity to be a part of a project with a purpose. I’m so thankful for my agency for always investing their time and confidence in me. Last month marks my one year anniversary with Tiffany Talent. I’m meeting with the owner of my agency, Tanya later this week to discuss some new opportunity's for acting, and a secret project we are working on.

It’s been a rough year in my personal life, but my acting career is really taking off, and I plan on finishing this year with a bang. I have two more films I’m staring in later this year and two showings at our local film festival “Bleedingham,” which will give me just enough content to make a full dramatic reel. Wish me luck :)

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